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: Littlebrook Project

How do we encapsulate our lives?

We experience birth and death; joy and pain; love and rejection…. and God.

Dave Bach has crafted musically that which poets write about…..the word pictures of the life of Everyman.  If you have ever felt the bliss of being in love, the fears or reality of losing that love, the joys of parenting and the letting go, the bittersweet farewells at death, the questioning of one’s faith journey.. then this CD is for you!  Written with rare honesty and innocence, Dave brings you a capsule of life from the viewpoint of a man who has lived it and learned from it….. 

The Songs

    1. Survival
    2. Bad Timin'
    3. Counting My Blessings
    4. Darlin’, Did You See the Moon?
    5. Him or Me Goodbye
    6. Real World
    7. Generations
    8. This Kind of Love
    9. If My Love Was All It Takes
    10. Two to Win
    11. You Never Said It Would Be Easy
    12. Kindred Spirits
    13. Free
    14. The Proposal
    15. Someone Else’s World
    16. Pray For Time

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